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The Leader in Me – CFIS Book Study – Chapter 2 – Part 3

The Leader In Me – Chapter 2 Summary – Part 3


In this third summary of Chapter 2, we learn about what students want from their school.


Students, besides wanting a good education, to be with friends and have a little fun, from a school, really want above all “peace of mind.”


They get peace of mind when the four basic needs are being met:


  1. Physical (safety, health, food, exercise, shelter, cleanliness, and hygiene.)
  2. Social-emotional (acceptance, kindness, friendship, respect.)
  3. Mental (intellectual growth, creativity, and stimulating challenges)
  4. Spirital (contribution, meaning, and  uniqueness)

“Since not all four needs are met in every home, many students come to school hungry for them – in some cases practically starving.”


“When students feel no personal connection to school – through a peer, teacher, or some other person they trust – chances of them doing well academically shrink, and their delinquency and drop-out rates increase.”


“Relationships matter!”


The biggest need that staff members impact is the spiritual need of the student.


“Teachers and other staff members play significant roles in nourishing or extinguishing the spirit of students.”


Our students are having their identities stolen by the constant pressure to be “cool” or “hot” based on the influence of the media or their peers.

“Sometimes only a caring, perceptive teacher or staff member can prevent such a tragedy by giving them a sense of hope, vision, and optimism – a sense of their worth and potential.”


“The more students feel healthy and safe today (physical need), the more they feel accepted and appreciated for who they are today (social-emotional need), the more the feel their minds challenged and progressing today (mental need), and the more they feel their spirits lifted today (spiritual need), the more open they become to thinking about their tomorrows.”


More to come….






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