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The Leader in Me – CFIS Book Study – Chapter 3 – Part 3

Hello Amazing Teachers,

Here is the third and final summary for Chapter 3 of The Leader In Me.

The main point of this section was the importance of having non-teachers included in teaching the 7 Habits.

Some examples given were having the front office staff reinforce the lessons with how they greet students and guests

Librarians can also be a great resource, by identifying certain books that focus on specific habits.

The section also highlights some examples where students can be utilized to teach other students the lessons.

Sometimes students can say things in ways adults cannot.”

The Leader in Me can also be helpful for students with autism or special needs. “The common language and the concrete, directive nature of the habits provide a stable environment in which many of these students perform better.”leader-in-me

The chapter ends with letter from a parent of a student who was diagnosed with Autism. In it, the mom shares how the Leader in Me helped with her son. “The Leader in Me has given my son an opening to be himself with all of his little quirks and still be part of the group. He is much more comfortable being himself socially. It has lit his fire.”


Finally, as The Leader in Me becomes part of the school’s culture, other benefits arise. There are changes in the way students treat each other and it even can have an effect on how teachers communicate with each other.

I hope you found this summary helpful. Again, please find time to read the chapter on your own. I know you will find it worth the investment of your time.

On to Chapter 4!

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